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Why Every Woodsman Needs a Log Splitter With the amount of effort that hard work requires, why not choose to work smarter instead of harder? For a woodsman or a firewood distributor, a log splitter can achieve just this purpose. The quality of the manufacturer will make a difference as you decide which machine to choose, so check this out as well as the variety of prices. Your personal experience will help you in this area, as well as reading what other customers have to say. It will help make sure you get something that is equipped to handle the amount of work you do as well, as well as the environment you work in. Wedgers, log cradles and dislodgers are a few of the items you’ll be ask about when you’re customizing your splitter setup. The number of tons you’re preparing for will be something they ask you as you consider which size of wedge to buy. The customer representative will have some great recommendations if you let them know the size of the trees, based on their experience with other customers. It’s important to ask how easily replacement parts can be obtained if something breaks or is defective. When they let you know they have the parts on-site, you can skip ordering them online and waiting for them to ship. You might also want to ask if a warranty is included, and if so, what it covers and how long it lasts.
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If you want to find out how long it’s going to take to get the job done, ask them how long the cycle time is. If your project is small and you’re not in a time crunch, then this feature might not be that important. A faster rate of speed might be required though if you have a larger project and you’re rushed for time. Of course, you don’t want a machine that goes so fast it ends up wearing out the individual parts faster than they should be. Typical and commercial log splitters have some significant differences, so make sure you read about these before you make an official choice.
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Make sure the splitter is going to accommodate the trees you’re cutting down by evaluating the open space where the logs go into the machine. The literature that these companies distribute will let you know what they carry for availability and this will help you decide what is going to work for both your budget and your projects. You can read these details in a brochure or in an online newsletter, once you subscribe to their website. Do your research, plan your spending and you’ll find that your splitting business becomes more profitable to manage.